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Pearce: the Celtics will still be the best team in the East

According to The Score reports, Paul – Pearce’s body is always flowing green army blood. After the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers completed the deal between Kaili Erwin and little Thomas, “truth” still believes the Celtics still have the ability to compete with the Cavaliers in the east.
“The absolute good,” Pearce said in an ESPN programme, “they have James, and the finals for the three straight year, off-season also introduced Derek – Ross and Thomas, they can do many things to do Erwin. Then on the bench added Jay Claude, the 3D player.”
“They are getting stronger and adding depth to the lineup. The Cavaliers are still a team in the East that needs to be beaten.”
Although Cleveland’s line-up has changed, but the Lebron – James team will not be too bad. Pearce knows this, but he still believes that the green army will be a super team in the East with their luxury lineup and potential star.
“If you take a closer look at the Celtics, the young players will be under the guidance of the veteran for the next five or six years. The team may be in the finals for the three or four time.” Said Pearce.


Erwin trading affects Zhan Huang’s fate? The alliance manager doesn’t agree

After Erwin’s deal, the bleachers invited the League Manager to discuss the impact of the deal on James’s stay next year, Ric Bucher wrote:
In Kaili – Erwin and small Thomas’s transaction, it is difficult to determine which side is the more expensive side. But there is one thing that everyone can agree on: what impact will the deal have on Lebron’s decision to leave the Cavaliers or stay in Cleveland next year?
Nothing has changed.
League managers generally believe that Lebron – James can choose to perform player options next summer, the contract stays in Cleveland for a year, but he will not.
“He’s bound to jump out of the contract.” One west side scout said.
“That’s for sure.” One Eastern District General Manager said.
“I don’t think he’ll stay in Cleveland.” The other man said.
Now, obviously, a lot may happen in a year. No one can foresee a year ago 73 wins the warriors will lose to the knight and besides they also had a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals, no one can expect to be in Green Bogut was suspended for one game after suffering injury claims.
There’s always something unexpected going on.
The same applies to the Knights of Cleveland. If they had completed the defending, intention to hit three consecutive championships, the Cavaliers will acquiesce to leave Erwin desire? If the Cavaliers win the season, will Lebron be able to announce his departure from the Cavaliers a few days after another championship?
However, the majority of the general manager, after a deal with Erwin to Thomas knight, Claude Zizic, and in 2018 the first round of the nets sign, they are still not enough to beat the warriors to win the championship, which makes the Knights lost to persuade James’s biggest bargaining chip. In fact, the deal is seen by some as the balance of the Cavs’ preparation on the table, the balance between “staying competitive” and “if James leaves for a rainy day.”.
Anyone who works with James will tell you that it’s better to compete for the championship and nothing else will make him happy.
The most worrying thing is that little Thomas is still recovering from injury. Many managers interpret Celtics general manager Danny – Anji as “little Thomas” is not yet in his best form for the new season.
If the young Thomas will be absent for a long time, or he has returned from injury has been worse than before, then the deal on whether the Cavaliers than last season’s stronger discussions will be meaningless.
As to whether the knight in the first round of nets to sign a deal to help their players in this season, many managers believe that unless James next season – and will ensure contract renewal is ahead of time to ensure that James has been avoided.
Another concern is that Thomas chose not to hurt after surgery may be because he knows he will free market operation next year for his price discount.

“When a player underwent an operation on the knee, we had it all in mind.” One manager said, “they’re not very good.”. Now, if he (Thomas) is not so good, he must be operated on? The deal will be different.”
Considering all these conditions, the League Manager not only expects James to leave the Cavaliers, but thinks he is most likely to join the lakers. The first three reasons are:
1, develop his television and film industry to prepare for the post retirement career;
2, try to lead three different teams to establish his unique title;
3, paving the way for the lakers.
The first one is obvious. He has set up a film and television company in Losangeles, SpringHill entertainment, and has produced some shows. James and his fellow year partners bought houses in Losangeles for the past two years.
The second is the result of today’s domination of the league by the warriors. A league source said Lebron had abandoned his goal of chasing Jordan’s six championship.
“It was his goal.” The source said, “but even if Lebron thinks he’s still five years old, it’s hard for him to beat the warriors four times in the next five years.”. I don’t think he still wants to play (six Championships). When he said after the finals, ‘I have nothing to prove’, that’s it.”
In Cleveland won the two championship in fourth championship — probably does not significantly improve his historical position, but if he is to lead third different teams to win the championship if it is possible. In the hall of fame players, can lead two different teams to win the championship only Wilt – Chambert, Kareem – Abdel – Jabbar and Shaquille O’neal, who with three different teams to win the championship only Robert Horry and John – Seville – and the two of them are generally considered to be a role player.
“Lebron has made his promises to Cleveland.” One scout said, “he needs to prove that he can do it at the other team now.”. Three different teams will make him more special.”
One eastern district manager thinks James will join an Eastern team – such as the Wizards – because it is easier to enter the finals in the east. But a former Cavalier doesn’t think so.
“He doesn’t care if he plays in the final or the warriors in the finals.” The source said, “he knew he had to face them, and there was no difference in facing them. Winning another Eastern championship would be nothing to him

Durant: the biggest threat to the warriors today is the 01 Lakers

According to thescore news, recently the warriors striker Kevin Durant in Bill Simmons’s podcast about the warrior version of “Guan Qin war”, he believes that in the past history of the team, the warriors can give now the biggest threat is the combination of OK with the Lakers in 2001.
Bill Simmons first asked, Durant gives the answer and explained: “we are 16 wins and 1 playoff teams, can cause us difficulty is that the Lakers, because Shaquille O’neal is very large. Their team is bigger, you need the same body size to be right, but they want a big lap, and Kobe also has unusual status.”
In the first round of the playoffs, the game was 3 wins in 5 games, so the Lakers only had 15 wins and 1 losses in the playoffs. In their losing match, Allen – Iverson finished all his bullets. But the Lakers are not out of reach, Durant gives their defensive strategy: when sharks in the low ball, whenever he to double, but this may give Kobe a lot of help, and may let them get a lot of opportunities outside players.
On offense, Durant’s idea is: “we will make our pick and roll into a lot of Shaq, so he had to either me or Clay, curitiba. Whenever he gets the ball, we wrap him up and turn him into a passer.”


Paul’s photo review of old sun and long memory of James

Paul’s photo review of old sun and long memory of James
Chris Paul has produced a very wonderful picture (see below).

保罗晒老照片 回顾与詹姆斯的久远记忆
Paul wrote: “the text # recalled Thursday # very long memories!” James and elliott.
Paul’s photo review of old sun and long memory of James
Paul’s photos were reviewed far earlier than their experiences with the U. S. National team as teammates and later banana boat experiences.
This picture was the national champion of the AAU men’s basketball match, aged twelve and under, in 1997. That time, Chris – Paul 11 years old, Lebron – James 12 years old

Little Thomas, father: trading is part of life and work

Beijing time on August 26th, according to the “Boston globe” reported that Isaiah – Thomas’s father – James – Thomas more than 30 years, a Boeing aircraft parts inspector. He was also reassigned to other parts of Washington, but old Thomas never hesitated.
“When my company tells me I need to be transferred to another place, I’ll go,” Thomas said in an interview. “It’s work, or you’ll have to find a new job.”. It’s part of life, too, in sports.”

James – Thomas was a bit surprised after receiving a phone call from his son this Wednesday and telling him he had been traded to the Cavaliers by the celtics.
After all, little Thomas has been selected for the all – Star squad, and he is also the center of the Celtics’ ability to do so quickly. But James – Thomas also knows that feelings are not eternal, especially in NBA.
Old Thomas refused to talk about Isaiah’s reaction to the deal, but the father revealed that while it was a hard job to change his club, he believed his son could handle it.
No matter where he goes or what he does, he is still that Isaiah.” James Thomas says, “this is business.”. But Isaiah has great performance wherever he goes, and it’s almost time for him to pay off.”
After the end of next season, little Thomas will be a free agent, before he showed he hopes to sign a salary contract. Now, after recovering from the hip injury this spring, and joining the Lebron James Cavaliers, little Thomas also has the chance to break into the NBA finals. “Isaiah needs to think of ways to overcome every difficulty,” old Thomas added. “He knows what to do.”. Just stay cool and do what you have to do. In the end, everything is about basketball.”

Pickle: next season as the thunder hit the best performance and see what happens

According to The Score report, the Losangeles Lakers in the League on the recruitment of pickle investigation, Paul George hasn’t had any comment on the matter. But today, with Green and appeared in a boxing match weighing scene, he also received the “Showtime” reporter Jim Gray interview.
“Look,” pickle says, “I’m one of the thunder, my job is to make the greatest efforts in the next season, and see what happens.”
The Lakers in the summer of next year will have the salary space is not a secret, and the growth and George of Losangeles will certainly become the main target of their signings. When the thunder will pickle traded to the array also know he probably in the summer of next year out of the contract as a risk free player.
Although he has left the Pacers, George still loves Indiana and is respectful to his former club.
“I grew up there and became a man, where I overcame many difficulties.”. They have always supported me, “pickle said,” I love Indiana.”

泡椒:下赛季为雷霆打出最好表现 然后静观其变

The 30 day of the 30 teams in the magic: reconstruction of the road resistance and long

2017-18 season NBA regular season will be officially launched in mid October. From today on, we will bring people to know each other every day and predict the prospects for the new season. 30 team ranking is carried out in accordance with the regular season record in reverse order, today we come to understand the Orlando magic.
2016-17 season record: 29 wins and 53 losses
Jonathan Isaac: important signings – Simmons, Jonathan (Draft) (signed), Aaron (signed), afflaalo kerven – Mark (signed), Svets Malis (contract)

30天30队之魔术:重建之路 道阻且长
Important losses: Geoff – Green (joining Cavaliers), Jody – Meeks (joining wizards), C.J.- Watson (cut)
The magic had not been on track for a long time after Dwight – Howard had been inconsistent with then coach stan – Van Gundy. Now they have changed four coaches, but they have yet to reach the playoffs again.
As for Howard, he was the centre of the league’s top five, perhaps the league’s top ten player, and left the team in a huff. To make matters worse, neither the height nor the game has found any substitute for warcraft. Since then, they haven’t made any of their players back into the All-Star game, or they have been rebuilding around any player.
In the first round after the signing period of Warcraft, they selected Victor oladipo, Aaron – Gordon, Avery – Payton and Mario, the sea zonia, although these are the lottery, but not a player played a special performance. The magic will eventually lose patience oladipo to thunder for Donghua – Ibaka (within a season, and was traded to the Raptors), oladipo was the most outstanding player in the team.
In the summer of last year and the magic back to Bismarck – billom Bo opening the $17 million annual salary contract, but the high hopes of the big man in the contract, still did not fulfill his expectations. It was one of the worst signings of NBA in 2016, and more than one NBA player thought the magic could have the deepest but most talented roster next season.
No magic is beyond all expectations finally in the summer to restructure the team management, general manager of Haining fired rob root, hired Geoff Whitman as the new team manager, deputy president Ugiri of the Toronto raptors, but also recruited former Bucks general manager John Hammond.
After Whitman and Hammond took office, the fans are looking forward to what they can do to improve the squad before next summer, but the magic’s future assets are running low. They lack talent enough to secure a playoff seat. Maybe they should start with the Lotto tag again, because rebuilding might be a three year plan.
In this year’s draft, they used the number six tag to pick a young (year old) forward (Jonathan, 19) with excellent physical ability (6 feet, 10 inches). He brought skills to the team and could take on many positions in the front court. In the summer league, Isaac’s performance was steady, showing good play and shooting. And he has hope to grow to 7 feet tall.
Perhaps the most unexpected was the free agent Jonathan, Simmons, who dug the spurs. His 3 – year contract of $18 million is very reasonable, and the salary is almost the same as that in the season. Of course, the magic is still not clear what Simmons can bring to them, most of the time the Spurs, he is a spoiler on the field, and show their athleticism and courage, but basketball foundation is limited. However, he was impressed with his performance in the contract year and in the playoffs, especially after the injury to the warriors, where Leonard stood up bravely after he was injured.
Orlando also used short-term contracts introduced Aaron AFFLALO and Mark Chervin, two of them are the performance and stability of the veteran, can still bring the team to support in the end of the bench.
Whitman and Hammond eventually chose to retain the other players in the squad, but as the season progressed, one of their main players are likely to change before the deadline. Nicola, who has been plagued by rumours, is still a trading value for some teams. Although it is unclear whether the magic would try to get rid of billom Bo’s contract, but they should really try.
The biggest problem is Gordon. He will face renewal soon, and the new management will weigh whether he is worth a big contract, or when he is looking for a home. In the draft, the magic he had high hopes, but with the exception of Zach and raven in the 2016 dunk contest in a high, he did not show too much dazzling performance.
His instability and wavering position were the main causes. After playing wonderful performance, often followed by a period of sustained downturn. But this year will be his contract year, so Gordon’s real potential will probably be released in the near future.
For magic, their goal is to continue to maintain wage flexibility, while a draft choice more informed (in 2015 they missed the star Dwyane Booker and Meyers Turner, and other potential) then some useful for the future transaction. It may not be easy, but that’s why Whitman and Hammond are hired here.

Kenyon Martin: NBA career has been cut end, very hurt

Recently, the “Sports Illustrated” Rohan Nadkarni interviewed a former NBA players Kenyon Martin, for your translation.
Q: you made a comment about Joe King’s Nuo A and got a lot of attention. Have you ever thought about the possibility of going back to NBA?

Martin: no matter what I do, I have a competitive nature. I’m a contender. I hate failure. But I’ve left NBA, and I’ve looked forward. NBA made me realize that it wasn’t for me anymore, so I got it and went on living.
How does Q:NBA make you understand this?
Martin: dude, I’m a proud player. My last stop was Milwaukee, and I was laid off. It’s not because I’m weak, I don’t believe it. It’s just a numbers game, and I don’t want to be treated like this anymore. For my pride, I do not want to encounter such a situation. I’ve done so much for 15 years in NBA, and I don’t think I should end up with a cut, but it’s not something I can control. So, to tell you, without a phone call to me, there’s no chance of returning to NBA from the sky. You failed to get an invitation to a training camp. This lets you know, whether by age, injury, or any other reason, this result will let you know (no chance to return to NBA). So I realized that, and I kept looking forward. I enjoyed my time with my family. I enjoyed the days when I wasn’t bound by the contract. I think I won the right. NBA has drifted away, but I think it’s good too.
Q: are there any players you would like to play against? You have on the pitch to repay debt?
Martin: No, no.. In the occupation career, we have had many battles, not what is to repay the debt. But I do want to see Maud Lav play again…… He’s really great. Many people, many children, many generations of people do not know what he means to basketball. He’s Stephen curry in front of Stephen curry. He can shoot at any head and shoot impossible shots. He is a very good basketball player.

Exposure executives believe that James will go next year, the Cavaliers themselves also count

Beijing time on August 26th, according to reports of the bleachers, although the Cavaliers have Kaili Erwin traded, but most League executives do not think that this move will be able to persuade the Cavaliers Lebron James next summer to stay in cleveland.

“He’s sure to go.”.” A Western NBA scout said.
“This will be the expected outcome.” Said the managing director of an eastern team.
“I don’t think he will stay in cleveland.” Another general manager of the Eastern team said.
Although many things this year and changes will happen in the future, but most accept the bleachers with the NBA team executives do not think the trade Cleveland recently completed (with Erwin for Isiah – Thomas, Vijay Claude, ante Zizic nets and next year’s first round draft pick) enough to allow them to beat the warriors the team in the finals next year, which is seen as the biggest reason why James chose to stay in cleveland.
In fact, some team executives will deal interpretation Cavaliers to increase their own chips, one hand is to make the next season the Cavaliers still remain competitive, on the other hand, James may leave the ready.
However, anyone who has worked with James will tell you that nothing else will win him unless he helps him win another championship.
After the Cavaliers completed the Erwin deal, the biggest concern is the Isiah – Thomas injury. In view of the Celtics general manager Danny – Anji’s recent remarks that, when Thomas may not be able to start in the regular season to play for, some League executives think this is an alarming signal.
If Thomas missed a large part of the season, or he can not become the last season that Mr. day fourth, then the deal could allow the Cavaliers a better argument will be controversial.
Some people suggest that the Cavaliers can be considered the first round pick for a player can help them in the next season, the team executives believe that unless James to Cleveland that next summer to stay in the team, the Cavaliers will consider doing so.
For these reasons, most of the league’s top executives are not only thinking that James will leave the Cavaliers next summer, but it is widely believed that his next stop will be the Losangeles Lakers

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